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Innovation Advisory

Innovation Advisory

When you and your team are busy supporting today’s IT strategy, Stratascale’s Innovation Advisory can be the force multiplier you need to explore and analyze the market in search of the trends, technologies, and innovators that represent tomorrow’s key technology investments.

We call it “Innovation Scouting”.

Stratascale’s Innovation Advisory exists to help customers unlock access to innovative technologies across our 5 Centers of Excellence (Automation, Cloud Ascension, Cybersecurity, Data Intelligence, and Digital Experience). Our team of emerging technology experts and advisors help IT and business leaders explore the art of the plausible, providing insight into new transformational technologies your in-house teams simply don’t have the bandwidth to explore.

Primarily, but not exclusively, focused on emerging technologies and vendors, Stratascale’s Innovation Advisory team works with you to understand your most pressing business and technology challenges. We then quickly and efficiently gather market intelligence and share our findings via Scouting Reports and Advisory Sessions. These sessions explain the market and provide insights into the business value created by the technology. Through ongoing collaboration, we further align and refine our findings to narrow down the target list to the highest potential technologies and vendors. We then coordinate and deliver Emerging Tech Briefings, Advanced Vendor Evaluations, and even provide Proof of Value facilitation and support - all designed to give you confidence and accelerate your innovation agenda.

We accomplish all of this with three distinct and highly integrated client focused teams:


Scours the market using advanced tools and methodologies to provide targeted information and insights.


Collaborates with your team to refine your search and begin unlocking access to plausible high potential technologies.


Fosters relationships spanning the innovation ecosystem enabling a simplified process for navigating the emerging technology landscape.

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