Cyber Risk Quantification: How to Align Security Risks to Business Objectives & Budgets

 In Horizon Reports

Modern enterprises face a large and complex threat landscape, yet their security budgets are constantly under pressure. CISOs often find themselves begging for money and are hard-pressed to demonstrate ROI.

In this Horizon Report by Stratascale (an SHI company), our experts asses how security and business leaders must incorporate cyber risk quantification (CRQ) into their operating model to effectively support the modern enterprise.  This includes proper evaluation, measurement, and valuation of risk, and its business impact for ensuring an organization’s security, trust, and resiliency.

CRQ is more than a project. It is a continuous learning cycle that allows an organization to assess its cyber risks on a regular basis and defend against the unexpected. It is a crucial component of not only technical but also larger business decisions that can make or break a company’s success.

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