Leading with Strategy: Stratascale’s Office of the CTO/CISO Achieves Peer-to-Peer Guidance at the Highest Level

 In Digital Experience

Being a technology leader can be a lonely job. Most CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs live in a world of shrinking resources, growing competition, and evolving threats, and they face intense pressure to maintain digital agility, security, and efficiency across the enterprise with alignment to changing business goals and cost pressures.

A great manager can put the right team in place to get the job done, but that does not account for having peer-to-peer interactions with someone who is vendor neutral and with whom they can bounce ideas off of or seek real guidance on how to strategically move their organization forward.  We all cherish spending time with trusted friends who have empathy for our problems and provide insight for what we should do in our personal lives. This type of confidant is usually missing in our day jobs. At work, we are stuck relying on vendors that are more interested in selling specific solutions than understanding the big picture.

Elevating Conversations Beyond a Sales Pitch  

Stratascale formed the Office of the CTO/CISO to fill the gap in peer-to-peer advising that we saw as a real need in the industry. We found our clients hungry for things like use cases, client stories and analyst research, and valued hearing how their challenges were addressed by different technology leaders. We identified the need to provide peers for our clients to not just offer advice and guidance on technical strategies and roadmaps, but to also leverage the other internal Stratascale research, consulting, and technical teams that can lend real value.

Our Field CTOs and CISOs have decades of C-suite experience in IT leadership roles running cloud, infrastructure (server, storage, and network), desktop, service desk, and security teams and projects.  They consult as equals to our clients and understand the nuanced complexities involved with aligning technology to support core business objectives.

We know from experience that success in the IT department requires more than familiarity with the latest tools. To effectively handle business challenges and react with digital agility requirements in mind, IT leaders need a trusted colleague’s perspective and someone who can help them conceptualize an effective technology strategy.

For example, technology initiatives require funding. To that end, we counsel CTOs on how to approach their counterparts in Finance for budget approval and how to make a convincing case to the Board of Directors for additional investments. We recently did this type of engagement successfully with an IT client from an enterprise-level building materials company who was compelled by his senior executive team to reduce costs and move data center assets to the cloud. This client did not know where to begin or how to approach his finance counterparts. One of our Field CTOs having been in a similar situation from years past was able to come in and assist the client with Finance, by asking the right questions and setting up a common goal, they worked together to build the cloud migration strategy that senior leadership wanted and subsequently approved.

On the resourcing side, we recommend best practices that help companies hire and train new staff with the right skill sets for a given project or environment. When new processes or tools have the potential to impact corporate culture—such as quickly standing up a remote-capable workforce, establishing new security protocols, or making an enterprise-wide push to the cloud—we pair suggestions for the right implementation tools with insights for organizational change management.

Driving Innovation at Just the Right Time

Clients should engage the Office of the CTO/CISO when their company is reflecting on its technology priorities, focused on budgets and planning, and looking at what’s ahead. Our Office of the CTO/CISO team are ready to engage in initial exploratory meetings working with the Stratascale account team.

In addition to the experience of our own team, Stratascale brings depth of technology innovators to expand opportunities for clients. Included among those relationships are the full weight of Stratascale’s parent company, SHI, and its relationships with large vendors as well as emerging startups.

The Office of the CTO/CISO also leverages Stratascale’s distinctive Innovation Labs to devise, test, and refine tailored solutions for bringing strategies to life. Innovation Labs receive and respond to feedback from Office of the CTO/CISO leaders based on the challenges and successes they encounter in the field. Innovation Labs also host workshops, publish research, and share case studies to inform approaches in areas such as cloud ascension, automation, data intelligence, digital experience, and cybersecurity. The team is a noted time-saver for technology leaders who have limited ability to learn about emerging trends and validate or justify new strategies and projects.

How It Will All Work to Your Advantage

Stratascale’s Office of the CTO/CISO is unmatched in terms of scale and breadth of real-world C-suite experience. The team provides a level of big-picture, peer-level advising that is missing from today’s technology services landscape.

The Office of the CTO/CISO brings to bear the research power and groundbreaking discoveries of Stratascale’s Innovation Labs and the full-scale implementation capabilities from SHI’s world-class procurement, implementation, and managed services capabilities. Its guidance, fueled by numerous perspectives, is invaluable for leaders looking to:

  • Build budget strategies and communications to the board or C level executives
  • Increase their digital agility
  • Improve their overall digital experience
  • Leverage cloud infrastructure
  • Strengthen their security
  • Accomplish all the above, together

Contact us to learn more about benefiting from the strategic insights of our Office of the CTO/CISO experienced technology leaders.