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Stratascale Adapts Cybersecurity for the New Normal

Stratascale Adapts Cybersecurity for the New Normal

The cybersecurity landscape is changing dramatically. As organizations scrambled to keep employees connected in a world of remote everything amid the pandemic, threat actors capitalized on the chaos. Cyber attacks continue to surge and according to the Ponemon Institute, 42% of companies simply don’t know how to defend against them.

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has proven the value of digital agility. To accommodate our new cybersecurity normal and prepare for the future, cybersecurity teams should continue to expect the unexpected, and build into their systems the ability to quickly adapt to changing needs.

But this is no easy task. Organizations are embracing new platforms at faster rates than ever before. According to Snow Software, 66% of IT leaders say they will continue to increase their overall use of cloud for the foreseeable future. As the rush to deploy public and hybrid cloud environments increases network complexity, attempts to increase visibility and address threats have led to investments in the “latest and greatest” technology from a multitude of cybersecurity vendors. The result is an excessive number of disconnected tools that make it harder not only to detect, but also to defend against attacks.

The Right Partner Makes All the Difference

CISOs are being held accountable for both business and technological aspects of security. Faced with understaffed teams and a need to increase the efficiency of security operations, they’re looking beyond siloed controls to strategic partners, advisory services, and broad, integrated platforms.

As a trusted consultancy, Stratascale provides unbiased expertise, customized solutions and advisory services based on decades of experience to help our clients continuously measure, improve, and optimize security programs.  We securely accelerate digital transformation by solidifying essential cybersecurity practices on-premises, extending them to the cloud for visibility and protection across architectures, and reorienting technology around digital agility.

We built Stratascale Innovation Labs to provide technology market research and high-level strategy insights that give our clients peace of mind in knowing their security investments will be right from the start. Our security experts work closely with Innovation Labs research and technical advisory teams to deliver in-depth technology research and analysis, proof-of-concept engagements, and design architectures.  Clients can also leverage our state-of-the-art Customer Innovation Center (CIC), which features hundreds of security, data center, and end-user solutions. It’s a cost-effective way to reduce the complexity of making technology decisions in a fast-paced industry, and evaluate potential investments in a secure, real-world environment, before making final decisions.

We collaborate with our field CTOs, CISOs, and cloud and implementation teams in an adaptive, outcome-driven approach that helps organizations move beyond the security architectures of the past, align with best-practice frameworks such as NIST CSF and the CIS Controls, and make their digital agility initiatives a reality with modern approaches such as extended detection and response (XDR), secure access service edge (SASE), and Zero Trust.

Our focus on strengthening capabilities revolves around five critical areas: identity and access management, data and application security, hybrid cloud security, security program strategy, and security operations.

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No matter where our clients are in their program, we can jump-start the path to stronger security and help bring their desired future state to life.  We provide an objective view of critical assets, regulatory requirements, and existing capabilities to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents. We also continually support our clients’ security programs as they mature with new strategies, plans and investments that propel them to an optimized state with tightly integrated tools, enhanced ROI, and a security team that can remain nimble during times of rapid change.

How It Will All Work to Your Advantage

Whether you are looking to expand capabilities in specific areas or mature your security posture overall, Stratascale can increase your organization’s digital agility, so you can quickly address the cyber risk-related issues of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. Our Innovation Labs allow us to provide expert insights and informed recommendations geared towards driving cybersecurity priorities and integrating disparate technology. This will enable you to reduce inefficiencies, optimize defenses and address even the most dynamic elements of your network so you can remain ready and responsive as the cybersecurity landscape continues to change.

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Senior Director of Cybersecurity

David is an accomplished Security Executive with more than two decades of experience in the IT industry. He enjoys the challenge of building formative security solutions, leveraging his extensive experience to provide leadership and guidance as well as to design, implement, and manage large-scale infrastructure projects for multinational organizations.

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