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Kacey Clark
Former Lead Research Analyst – Cybersecurity

Kacey Clark investigated offensive security methods and trends, defensive strategies, and security solution technologies.

Cyber Risk Quantification: How to Align Security Risks to Business Objectives & Budgets
August 12th, 2021
In this Horizon Report by Stratascale (an SHI company), our experts asses how security and business leaders must incorporate cyber risk quantification (CRQ) into their operating model to effectively support the modern enterprise.
Zero Trust Series: Access Management
June 16th, 2021
In this Horizon Report by Stratascale (an SHI company), we identify that while not all AM solutions are created equal, security leaders must start identifying their organization’s precise needs through data classification
The SOC Paradox: Do you Need More Headcount for Your Security Team?
June 15th, 2021
In this article, we will lift the lid on current SOC challenges and future objectives, and explore recommendations for deploying a successful SOC program.
Zero Trust Series: Device Assurance
April 23rd, 2021
Most organizations focus on securing laptops and desktops, leaving other devices vulnerable. Security leaders should work with their organizations to build a device strategy that aligns with their Zero Trust program.
Digital Risk Protection Has Crossed the Chasm
March 23rd, 2021
With the introduction of new services, applications, and technologies to their environments, organizations face the multifaceted challenge of fortifying critical assets that exist outside the corporate perimeter. This makes the risk landscape a virtual cakewalk for attackers.
Zero Trust Series: Identity Management
March 23rd, 2021
In this Horizon Report from Stratascale (an SHI company), we identify that when organizations build and execute strategies in line with a zero trust identity management methodology
The Crux of Convenience: IoT Risks to Enterprise Organizations
January 26th, 2021
Harboring collaboration between teams, and baking security into every arm of the business, empowers organizations to thrive. In the end, everyone has the same goals, and perceiving security as a necessity renders those goals more achievable.