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Michele Hope
Lead Research Analyst – Hybrid Cloud

Michele Hope covers emerging cloud trends and the best ways to address key cloud challenges faced by today’s enterprise organizations. She has written about enterprise infrastructures for the past 25 years.

Virtual Desktops, DaaS & the Future of Work
January 19th, 2022
We address the long-term viability of virtual desktops and DaaS, as organizations focus on long-term plans.
Succeed with Industry 4.0 Transformation
December 8th, 2021
This Horizon Report, the fifth in our Cloud Ascension series, offers actionable, insightful guidance to successful IT/OT convergence by looking beyond the technologies themselves.
Transforming with Edge Computing: the Retail Experience
September 17th, 2021
In this Horizon Report by Stratascale (an SHI company), our analysts identify how edge computing can be a key component to an organization’s digital transformation.
Stratagraphic: Common Mistakes That Can Ground Your Cloud Migration Journey
July 30th, 2021
Are you thinking about a migration to the cloud? Don't make the same mistakes everyone else is.
Learn How to Win with IoT at the Edge
July 15th, 2021
In this Horizon Report by Stratascale (an SHI company), the first in a series devoted to Edge computing, we identify what you need in order to flourish with IoT.
Building the Right Cloud Strategy With Expert Guidance From the Field
May 20th, 2021
Based on input from Stratascale (an SHI company), this Horizon Report first looks at the common pitfalls that can hinder cloud migrations.
Stratascale Horizon Report on Cloud Ascension (Vol. 1): Cloud Cost Optimization
April 9th, 2021
In this Horizon Report from Stratascale (an SHI company), we explore the issue of cloud overspend and what you can do about it−both in the short-term and more strategically.