Transformative Services

Seamlessly connecting Strategy, People, Processes, and Technology

You’ve probably experienced it before. A great idea, innovative technologies, smart people – but a somehow underwhelming result. Why? Because all too often the journey from idea to delivery is broken, with too many hand-offs and too many disconnected parties involved.

Transformative Services from Stratascale fixes that, ensuring you can meet your business goals through the intelligent and innovative use of technology.

We work with the C-suite to assess organizational health, provide insight on industry trends and disruptive technologies, and then provide flexible consulting and technological resources to easily see the project through to delivery.

Transformative Services is a team of professional IT leaders that understand your business, your priorities, your way of working – and we will be your business partner throughout the process of problem identification, solution discovery and design, delivery, adoption, execution, and optimization.

Why Transformative Services sets Stratascale apart from other consulting firms

Consulting firms are great at big ideas. They create compelling business cases for new technology investments and paint utopian pictures of how your business will transform if you follow their advice.

But these same consulting firms all too often under-deliver because they lack the resources or skills to see the project through to completion, requiring you to work with third parties that played no part in the original business problem analysis or solution design. In this engagement, the link between strategy, people. and processes is broken, and there can be no clearly defined strategy for supporting the organization to and through the last mile.

As part of the global technology solutions provider, SHI, Stratascale’s Transformative Services not only connects these broken links, it also gives you seamless continuity from start to finish, guaranteeing a better, faster outcome.

Because with Stratascale, you don’t just get clever consultants, you get the full capabilities of SHI on the same team – solution design, configuration and deployment, connectivity, mobility, asset management, security, procurement. With Stratascale and SHI, it’s all one fully integrated team.

The Stratascale Transformative Services Framework

In partnership with our colleagues at SHI, Stratascale created the Transformative Services Framework that combines the critical elements of Strategy, People, Processes, and Technology into a single cohesive experience.

The Transformative Services Framework is built on four core phases:


At Stratascale, we believe to do technology right, business leaders first need to identify and validate their objectives. Only when this is done can the focus then move to the technologies that will get them there. That’s why Transformative Services is staffed by an elite group of management consultants and IT leaders who understand business priorities. They will help you evaluate your current business state, evaluate critical priorities, conduct a gap analysis, and propose areas for strategic business alignment.


Through our initial engagement, we uncover your competitive strengths and deficiencies from a customer, employee, and partner perspective. We also provide insights into current processes, room for improvement, and identify financial challenges that need to be addressed to fund future transformation initiatives. It’s actionable information you can carry forward.



Now that you have line of sight on where your business needs to go, Stratascale helps you identify the right technologies to make your transformation possible. At this stage, we engage with the customer to:

  • Document design principles
  • Document functional and non-functional requirements
  • Align strategy to business goals
  • Perform gap analysis against requirements and design principles
  • Assess cloud readiness and analyze TCO
  • Create Requirements Catalog for all in-scope shared services
  • Perform output gap analysis

Transformative Services is tightly connected with Stratascale Innovation Labs, the company’s research and advisory arm focused on assessing and validating your technology innovation. Through Innovation Labs, our research team classifies technology ideas, products, and vendors in your business environment; they do this through in-depth research projects and executive level Horizon Briefings. Our Innovation Labs technical advisors and Customer Innovation Center teams then test and validate any proposed technology solutions, making sure they are feasible within your organization and provide you with a proposed roadmap for implementation


With business and technology strategies in hand, now Stratascale helps you put everything into action, with the Transformative Services team retaining their key role as partner to your senior stakeholders.


Our experienced field CTOs and CISOs are brought in as appropriate to act as trusted advisors and help bring your technology roadmaps to life. We also leverage our parent company SHI, tapping into their extensive partner ecosystem for procurement, technology implementation, and managed services capabilities.



At this point, Stratascale is working to make sure your technology implementation is going well. But it is critical to also ensure that this implementation is understood and accepted by your stakeholders and properly aligns to your desired business outcomes. This can be a make-or-break step for your transformation to be successful, and it is also an area where traditional management consulting firms come up short.


Because Stratascale is focused on rapidly adapting your organization in response to changes and challenges through technology innovation, which we call Digital Agility, we purposely position our Transformative Services team to assist during that last mile of your implementation, providing consulting support that connects your new technology innovation to affiliated business functions and desired outcomes.

Benefits of the Transformative Services Framework

In every Stratascale engagement, Transformative Services is there to help make sure your business is going in the right direction. With Stratascale’s Transformative Services, your organization can:

Complete the delivery model

  • Transformative Services completes the delivery model as a function focused on aligning the technology roadmap with the strategic objectives of the organization, utilizing key stakeholders and market needs.

Streamline the roadmap

  • Transformative Services institutes an agile, iterative process to address activities from ideation through strategic planning that result in roadmap and financial estimates being proactively completed ahead of targeted recommendations.

Enable long-term value

  • Transformative Services provides a sandbox for the ideation and intake of new initiatives and opportunities, enabling Stratascale to successfully meet its objectives of innovating & delivering value and Digital Agility to you.

The Transformative Services team is prepared to work with you on executing our proven framework, the “Last Mile of Strategy”, that drives real organizational value, de-risks the traditionally fragmented process of solution design, deliver, and support, and it includes the consistency of SHI’s experience to the entire engagement from start to finish.

Are you ready to start a conversation?

Stratascale brings a consultancy first approach to helping organizations rapidly adapt in response to business changes and challenges through technology innovation.  We call this digital agility. As a wholly owned subsidiary of $12B SHI International, Stratascale’s researchers, technical advisors, consultants, and field service professionals seamlessly integrate with SHI’s world-class procurement, implementation, and managed services capabilities, giving customers access to a truly integrated end-to-end partner for enabling their business to technology transformative journey.

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