Unlocking Hybrid Cloud’s Full Potential is the First Step to Enterprise-level Digital Agility

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If the past year’s disruption and abrupt need to support remote work capabilities taught us anything, it was the importance of digital agility for making and supporting major business adjustments in a hurry.

That said, it’s somewhat surprising that fewer than 50% of enterprise organization workloads reside in the cloud. The percentage is much higher for smaller, more agile businesses.

At Stratascale, we don’t believe digital agility is strictly the realm of the small. We know larger organizations can, with the right focus, achieve a level of agility that builds their competitive advantage and helps guard against disruption from upstarts.

Stratascale Builds Agility Through the Cloud  

Enterprise cloud adoption is the cornerstone of digital agility, offering perhaps the only way to keep pace with an unprecedented, yet unrelenting, rate of change.

With the right cloud approach, companies can host applications anywhere, add new business functionality, scale up or down immediately based on demand, and reduce their app development cycles from months to days, if not hours. Cloud is a key driver and enabler of edge computing as IoT devices continue their exponential growth and 5G wireless enables new levels of digital experience never before seen. As an example, think of oil companies using sensors on their rigs to prevent spills and natural disasters.

Many organizations are interested in cloud environments and know the benefits it offers for easily developing and deploying IT resources. Still, many feel that moving to the cloud is a complex undertaking and don’t know where to begin. Stratascale helps forward-focused businesses assess their cloud options and make smart investments to realize the technology’s full potential. This starts with a clear understanding of each company’s big-picture strategy, goals, and budget.

We lead off each engagement with accomplished engineers and enterprise-level field CTOs who have experienced the same challenges our clients grapple with on a daily basis. This perspective allows us to work with business leaders to map out their objectives and propose a solution based on best strategic fit, not a specific provider.

While we support workloads in all public cloud environments, our experience has shown that a hybrid cloud operating environment, which could include any combination of public, private, or hosted environments, is especially important and necessary in enterprise-level organizations. Hybrid cloud operating environments provide the optimal combination of efficiency, reliability, security, and convenience. They can be stood up quickly, scale immediately, and provide flexibility around hosting and launching new applications.

Furthermore, through a hybrid cloud operating model, companies can provide credentialed employees located anywhere with secure access to mission-critical applications and other fundamental services. Stratascale enterprise architects aim to design hybrid-cloud environments with a similar look and feel to those of a public cloud, which includes self-service portals, automated provisioning, and the ability to rapidly scale to meet ever-changing business needs. 

Don’t Leave Technology Decisions to Chance

Part think tank and part proving ground, Stratascale’s Innovation Labs is a key differentiator in our field. It combines the three core elements of true digital transformation: research and advisory services, consulting and professional services, and deployment and integration.

Through Innovation Labs, Stratascale develops high-level future-state visions for clients on how to best use technology to support their business goals. First, we examine trends in the market based on a client’s unique business values and propose solutions to satisfy their needs. We then investigate whether these potential solutions can deliver on the client’s required capabilities. Finally, we provide the expertise and testing environment for the client to explore specific technologies, develop their roadmap, and bring solutions to life.

Capitalizing on SHI’s three decades of technology provision experience and thousands of vendor relationships, Stratascale and its Innovation Labs tap into unrivalled market knowledge to develop research and use cases for client roadmaps that outline the procurement, deployment, integration, adoption, optimization, and maintenance of their cloud technology solutions.

In short, Innovation Labs ensure companies leave nothing to chance. Our clients can increase their cloud presence with confidence after seeing firsthand that their investments will deliver as promised.

How It Will All Work to Your Advantage

Plenty of vendors can provide guidance on how to ascend into the cloud. Some advisors can assist with optimizing the experience. Stratascale does both.

We help enterprise organizations understand their cloud options and achieve their strategic IT goals.  Through our Innovation Labs, engineers and enterprise-level field CTOs, we help clients capitalize on the many advantages hybrid cloud provides, such as easily provisioning resources, instantly scaling to meet varying demands, and accelerating time to market. Through our focus on digital agility, we deliver the right hybrid cloud environment to support ongoing success amid rapid change.

Contact us for more information about how Stratascale can help you achieve digital agility through an intelligent hybrid cloud approach that leaves nothing to chance.