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Stratascale helps organizations like yours move faster, act more intelligently, and create competitive differentiation through the innovative use of technology.

We call it Digital Agility.

And it starts with understanding your business, your strategic goals, and the challenges you must overcome to meet them. That’s why Stratascale isn’t your average technology solutions provider. Think of us as a consultant, systems integrator, and technology provider in one. We provide support for the full end-to-end transformation process, from discovery to solution deployment.

No more solutions that fail to meet the promises of the sharp-suited consultants. No more clumsy handovers from consulting firms to technology providers.

We can do that because we have all the necessary competencies in-house, under the same roof. Our seasoned CIO, CTO, CISO and business analyst staff are here to work with your key stakeholders from across the business. Consultants and technical teams then work to assess, design, implement and manage the right technology solutions for your business needs. And a core team of Transformative Services professionals oversee the whole process, ensuring consistency from start to finish.

Just some of the ways we can help you

Making the cloud work for you

We’ll help you decide what, when and how to move to the cloud, ensuring that your cloud environment lives up to its promises around agility, cost and resiliency.

From migrating legacy workloads to supporting all-new business models, Stratascale provides a complete portfolio of advisory, consulting, design, implementation, and services to help your organization improve technology adoption to fully leverage the benefits of public, private, multi-, and hybrid-cloud strategies.

What We Do - Cloud Ascension
What We Do - Automation

Putting automation at the heart of your business

We help organizations integrate smart automation capabilities by focusing on extending the lifecycle of legacy infrastructure and increasing organizational agility.

With a focus on building the right business outcomes, Stratascale helps you view automation through a different lens. Our expertise helps you overcome the limitations of traditional infrastructure and application delivery.

What We Do - Automation

Creating positive digital experiences

We help organizations pivot from the reactionary stage of digital experience to desired interactions by developing a plan for relevant and rich experiences for every user across every touchpoint.

Stratascale brings an optimized life-cycle approach to delivering applications. Our next-level assessment framework, enterprise pipeline for systematically visualizing dependencies and performance, and application modernization capabilities will enable best-in-class experiences for your customers/user community.

What We Do - Digital Experience
What We Do - Data

Transforming data into intelligence

We help organizations capture the data they need to make digital agility a reality.

Stratascale helps you realize the full power of your data by making it structured, understandable, and available to those that need it in a useable way. From data collection to storage to presentation to the end user, Stratascale looks at the entire data flow.

What We Do - Data

Making “cyber-secure” a default state

We help organizations align their cybersecurity stack with desired business outcomes by measuring the end-to-end effectiveness of your cybersecurity platform.

To help you address the evolving threat landscape, Stratascale brings a sophisticated approach to cybersecurity that looks to rationalize and consolidate disparate technology to provide a more secure environment for infrastructure, data, and people.

What We Do - Cyber Security

Are you ready to start a conversation?

Stratascale brings a consultancy first approach to helping organizations rapidly adapt in response to business changes and challenges through technology innovation.  We call this digital agility. As a wholly owned subsidiary of $12B SHI International, Stratascale’s researchers, technical advisors, consultants, and field service professionals seamlessly integrate with SHI’s world-class procurement, implementation, and managed services capabilities, giving customers access to a truly integrated end-to-end partner for enabling their business to technology transformative journey.

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300 Davidson Avenue
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