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Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

When you’re investing in digital agility, you don’t want your cybersecurity to hold you back. At Stratascale, we help you create security strategies that support digital agility rather than hinder it.

The world of cybersecurity can feel like a constant game of catch-up. Just when you’ve worked out how to protect your organization from one type of threat, another one rears its ugly head. And no matter how good a job you’ve done, there is always something new to keep your next fix from being as simple as you’d like it to be.

The explosion in the use of cloud technologies and the pandemic-driven migration to remote and hybrid work have increased your attack surface and potential exposure, amplifying complexity and shifting the focus of security operations.

New technologies, new ways of working, and new ways for customers to consume your products and services mean that change is both inevitable and constant, and your cybersecurity strategy needs to not just respond, but to anticipate.

Our Vision for Cybersecurity Excellence

At Stratascale, we’ve built a Center of Excellence (COE) to support you in building or reinforcing your cybersecurity function across all areas—from programs, strategy, and risk to application security, architecture, and infrastructure; and identity management to security operations. We help ensure that you have:

  • Logical engagement methodologies that can be used across all security disciplines
  • Consistent vision and execution supported by a comprehensive view across your focus areas
  • Best-in-class solutions that create value and increased revenue

A Cybersecurity Approach Built for Digital Agility

Our COE is built on a methodology that ensures we can support the three key pillars of your cybersecurity approach.

Enterprise Security Architecture

We will assess your network, cloud, data, and application security, as well as identity and access management, and identify areas of potential risk and solutions needed to protect your organization from cybersecurity events and breaches.

Modernized Security Operations

We help you modernize your security operations to encompass “anywhere operations” and leverage cloud-based technologies and automations to make the task of dealing with your ever-expanding attack surface a manageable one.

Security Program Strategy

If the worst does happen, you need to know how you’ll respond and recover. Stratascale’s experienced team will advise on scenarios from ransomware readiness to data security governance and alignment with controls frameworks.

NIST Alignment

By building an approach that corresponds with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, we have ensured that our COE can deliver a robust solution built on industry best practices. For organizations already NIST aligned, or seeking to be, this makes it even easier for you to achieve your goals.

Structured Approach with Actionable Outcomes 

Whether we’re working on all or part of your cybersecurity, our structured approach always ensures that we establish a clear scope, carry out detailed discovery using a combination of tools and stakeholder interviews, and follow up with a detailed analysis and prioritization exercise. Finally, we’ll provide you with a prioritized roadmap for improvement and related reports, as well as help you define the ongoing success metrics and follow-up activities.

Build a Cybersecurity Function Fit for Today and Tomorrow

Whether you want to validate your current approach, review your position in light of recent changes, or need to address audit findings, Stratascale can help you set your cybersecurity function on the path to becoming a true business enabler.