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Ransomware Readiness

Ransomware has reached crisis proportions with the spread of calculated attacks around the globe. Stratascale can help you get ransomware-ready.

Great ransomware defense starts with a plan. Ransomware risk reduction requires understanding the shortcomings of your existing plan and developing a comprehensive strategy to strengthen your security posture. A targeted assessment of security controls, incident response plans, playbooks, recovery procedures, and day-to-day practices can help you better understand your ransomware risk and identify improvement opportunities.

Stratascale Ransomware Readiness Assessment
Stratascale’s Ransomware Readiness Assessment can help you strengthen the technology and processes you have dedicated to reducing the threat of ransomware. Our structured approach will help you assess your current readiness level and fine-tune tools and practices to protect against and manage ransomware attacks. Our experts will:


  • Identify existing controls and target systems
  • Document system dependencies, data types, procedures, and applicable frameworks


  • Prioritize actions based on business risks, discovered threats, and potential impacts
  • Update incident response plans and playbooks
  • Define specific indicators, alerts, and actions to mitigate ransomware events


  • Develop an improvement roadmap and related reports
  • Define ongoing success metrics and follow-up activities
  • Identify monitoring and success metrics for the ransomware preparedness program

Reducing Your Exposure to Ransomware Is Important to Your Overall Cybersecurity Strategy and Critical to Your Business.

Ready to partner with a team of experts who can assess your existing ransomware readiness? We can help you develop a ransomware prevention playbook to efficiently protect against, manage, and respond to ransomware attacks. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to start your journey.