Data Intelligence Center of Excellence

Human comprehension is aided by Data Intelligence, which explains why companies might use a given data asset to answer their essential questions. At Stratascale, we provide insights derived from data that can help you determine how to effectively run and grow your business.

Data lives everywhere, and Data Intelligence is a process that companies must engage to derive decision-making insights and monetize their data. Many businesses are excited to implement AI and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, yet fewer than 2% of customers are leveraging one of their largest data assets for business intelligence.

You may be searching for solutions to a problem that is standing in the way of your goals yet unable to cross-reference multiple data sources to find the answer. When Stratascale’s Data Intelligence team is on the scene, we help you take a step back, create a full picture of your entire enterprise, and bring a sense of order to the chaos. Our Data Intelligence Program helps your business move forward faster by accelerating the automation, preparation, and processing of data to achieve the greatest business agility.

Our Data Intelligence Program to Achieve Business Agility

Data Strategy

Our team will work collaboratively with you to establish a long-term vision and data strategy to understand your business needs, define key milestones, and the success criteria in support of business objectives.

Data Engineering

We collect and integrate all the data generated by your entire company into a single repository such as a data lake. A data lake absorbs various kinds of data in their native form in context and correlated.

Data Preparation

Data scientists spend on average 80 to 85% of their time doing manual data preparation, most of which could be automated, instead of focusing on actual data science. This creates an artificial bottleneck to data value in the organization that will impede it from moving forward faster and monetizing the data more quickly.

Data Analytics

This is the point at which we can leverage ML and AI to derive value from data. We evaluate and analyze the “as-is” data environment and connect the dots between the systems and processes. When we align these relevant data sources and apply AI and Machine Learning, we can integrate and optimize the data workflows and automate the processes at scale, enterprise-wide.

Once we’ve automated the data preparation to give people accessibility and visibility, we can deliver self-service analytics capabilities, which opens up multiple opportunities:

  • Improves Creativity
  • Increases Collaboration across teams
  • And Fosters Innovation enterprise-wide

Because people can answer their own questions, they can then elevate good ideas faster and get them to a level of visibility where they can monetize them across the organization. This is how today’s most successful organizations outpace their competition and set new bars for growth and success. After all, you can’t optimize your way to business growth.

Our Data Intelligence Promise

Stratascale applies our Data Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Automation, Digital Experience, and Cloud Ascension centers of excellence in a coordinated approach to help you accelerate your business outcome. We bring a consultancy-first approach, helping you use IT to rapidly adapt to new challenges and opportunities: we call this digital agility.

Let Our Team Show You How Best to Monetize Your Data

Stratascale will empower and assist you to build the automated data operations required to ingest, process, and fully leverage all data types from all sources to improve operations, create new revenue streams, and inform business decisions.