Your Digital Agility is our relentless focus

The name Stratascale might be new, but what lies behind it isn’t. Stratascale is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SHI International, one of the world’s largest and most successful technology solutions providers.

So why Stratascale and why now? After 31 years of building SHI into the 11B sales organization that it is today, SHI CEO Thai Lee felt there was room to do something very special. And it came from listening to SHI customers.

More and more organizations are trying to deliver automation and orchestration capabilities to achieve business goals. They are also attempting to wrangle sprawling data issues and are grappling with obsolete security architectures and working to integrate security as a pervasive practice in the delivery of applications.

Organizations have more ambitious technology plans to propel the business forward than ever before. But they needed fresh thinking.

Digital Agility.

And that’s what Stratascale delivers, with the ability to leverage SHI’s vendor relationships and technical expertise when it makes sense to do so; and to operate independently when that’s in your best interests.

Is Stratascale right for you?

Stratascale was created on the firm belief that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works for every organization on their cloud journey. That’s why we know who we are and who we can help the most. Stratascale has been created and staffed to specifically support the needs of Fortune 1000 organizations.

Specifically, Stratascale is built for organizations and stakeholders that value dealing with experienced innovators, technologists and practitioners who bring years of hard-earned experience to your most pressing business challenges. Less talk. More action.

If that’s you, we believe that Stratascale can help you realize your business goals faster, with less disruption to your business and with less cost.

What sets Stratascale apart?

At Stratascale we value real-world wisdom and are not afraid to take on projects with overextended consultation periods that don’t deliver a return on investment for years. We combine expertise and a fanatical obsession with customer success to focus on speed, agility and value for money.

Unlike other service providers vying for your cloud, modernization and cybersecurity projects, our proposition isn’t built on teams of low-paid workers working furiously behind the scenes to manually move workloads, re-write code, massage data or re-factor applications. Where it can be automated, it is. And that means a better-quality output, in less time and at less cost.

Are you ready to start a conversation?

Stratascale brings a consultancy first approach to helping organizations rapidly adapt in response to business changes and challenges through technology innovation.  We call this digital agility. As a wholly owned subsidiary of $12B SHI International, Stratascale’s researchers, technical advisors, consultants, and field service professionals seamlessly integrate with SHI’s world-class procurement, implementation, and managed services capabilities, giving customers access to a truly integrated end-to-end partner for enabling their business to technology transformative journey.

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300 Davidson Avenue
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