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Zero Trust Series: Device Assurance

Zero Trust Series: Device Assurance

In the first part of this Zero Trust series, Stratascale (an SHI company) discussed identity management.

In this Horizon Report, we focus on device assurance. When integrating Zero Trust principles into your security program, you should start with identity management. But you can’t rely on identity alone for Zero Trust. You must also tackle device assurance.

Most organizations focus on securing laptops and desktops, leaving other devices vulnerable. Security leaders should work with their organizations to build a device strategy that aligns with their Zero Trust program. An effective device strategy will enable the following:

  • Support the needs of the business to gain value from new technology.
  • Maintain the organization’s desired security posture.
  • Responsively adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape.

To learn more, read the full report.

Former Lead Research Analyst – Cybersecurity

Kacey Clark investigated offensive security methods and trends, defensive strategies, and security solution technologies.

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