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Zero Trust Vendors to Watch, Know, Understand: ZT Infrastructure

Zero Trust Vendors to Watch, Know, Understand: ZT Infrastructure

Key suppliers of zero trust security products for infrastructure, including CMDB, configuration management, cloud workload protection (CWPP), and cloud infrastructure entitlements management (CIEM). Infrastructure is sometimes overlooked as a necessary component of a zero trust strategy, but it poses an evolving series of challenges for CISOs. Contemporary infrastructure often centers on outside-the-corporate-perimeter cloud resources, which challenges security leaders tasked with establishing a resilient environment that delivers confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

In discussion of key ZT infrastructure technologies and management imperatives, one contributing expert noted that “network and infrastructure are foundational, but those other pieces are what the adversaries are after.”

Attention may accordingly be drawn to the bookends of identity and data, and their adjacent pillars (devices and applications), but ZT strategies need to also address these core, foundational system elements. To respond to this requirement, Stratascale SMEs urge ZT infrastructure planners to ensure that they have current and accurate configuration management databases (CMDBs), configuration management capabilities, cloud workload protection platforms (CWPP), cloud infrastructure entitlements management (CIEM), and physical access controls.


In analyzing infrastructure technologies and capabilities required for zero trust success, Stratascale SMEs highlighted four key categories:

  • Configuration management database (CMDB). 
  • Configuration management. 
  • Cloud workload protection (CWPP). 
  • Cloud infrastructure entitlements management (CIEM).

The Stratascale team assessed 139 vendors to identify those who provide a starting point for firms looking to enhance infrastructure security as part of a broader ZT strategy. Across the four categories, we identified 79 vendors who were either: 

  • Suppliers of broadly applicable solutions likely to meet the needs of the Fortune 1000 enterprise customers that Stratascale works with. 
  • Vendors providing solutions that address specific customer requirements within a category, but which don’t extend across a wide range of potential enterprise use cases.

Stratascale’s cross-functional group of security and networking experts contributing to these reports included: 

To access one of the Zero Trust Vendors to Watch, Know, Understand: ZT Infrastructure reports, please click on the linked titles (please note that no recommendation or warranty is implied by the inclusion of any vendor within these reports):

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