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Zero Trust Vendors to Watch, Know, Understand: ZT Network

Zero Trust Vendors to Watch, Know, Understand: ZT Network

The network plays a unique role in the shift from traditional perimeter-based security strategies to zero trust (ZT). On one hand, the network itself moves from being the primary focus of security activity to one of six interrelated pillars, and traditional network-centric security professionals and organizations can find this loss of primacy difficult to absorb.

On the other hand, the network is central to critical ZT security functions and to delivering on the foundational requirements shown in the “ZT Strategic Technology/Management Priorities” graphic. De-perimeterization—a concept espoused by the Jericho Forum (which first advanced key ZT principles)—may be the basis for zero trust, but ZT network plays an essential role in establishing ZT as a functional strategy.


source: stratascale 2022


In analyzing network technologies required for zero trust success, Stratascale security SMEs highlighted four key categories:

  1. Microsegmentation.
  2. Encryption.
  3. Visibility.
  4. VPN replacement/software-defined perimeter.

The Stratascale team assessed 120 vendors to identify those who provide a starting point for firms looking to enhance network security as part of a broader ZT strategy. Across the four categories, our team identified 67 vendors in one of two categories:

  • Suppliers of broadly applicable solutions likely to meet the needs of the Fortune 1000 enterprise customers that Stratascale works with.
  • Vendors providing solutions that address specific customer requirements within a category but do not extend across a wide range of potential enterprise use cases.

Stratascale’s cross-functional group of security and networking experts contributing to these reports included:

  • Stratascale Director of Zero Trust and Identity Services Rob Forbes.
  • Principal Architect - Enterprise Networking Bill McKenzie.
  • Senior Technical Advisor for Hybrid Cloud Jeff Riggen.
  • Senior Cybersecurity Technical Advisor Joseph Karpenko.
  • Vice President - Office of the CISO Michael Wilcox.
  • Cybersecurity Research Analyst Alex Banghart.
  • Lead Cybersecurity Research Analyst Michael O'Neil.

To access one of the Zero Trust Vendors to Watch, Know, Understand: ZT Network reports, please click on the linked titles:

Please note that no recommendation or warranty is implied by the inclusion of any vendor within these reports.

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