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About Us

About Us

We have the solutions, services, and experts you need to guide you toward business transformation and digital agility.

Stratascale specifically supports the needs of Fortune 1000 organizations that value dealing with proven innovators, technologists, and practitioners who bring years of hard-earned experience to your most pressing business challenges.

Our ideal clients are trying to deliver automation and orchestration capabilities in a multi-cloud world. They are attempting to wrangle sprawling data issues and deliver applications with an experience that drives adoption and profitability. They are grappling with obsolete security architectures and working to integrate security as a pervasive practice in the delivery of applications. They have ambitious ideas and vision for leveraging technology to propel the business forward while looking for new ways to explore solutions that can help make them more relevant and competitive in a changing world.

Think of us as a consultant, systems integrator, and technology advisor in one. We support the entire end-to-end transformation process—from discovery to solution deployment. It starts with understanding your business, your strategic goals, and the challenges you must overcome to achieve them. That’s why Stratascale isn’t your average technology services provider. We not only offer that last mile of strategy critical to moving your initiatives forward, but also engage our technical teams possessing the practical wisdom required to successfully execute.

We provide something incremental to clients that others who advise on business and technology can't touch. When our team starts working through a problem, even if it's not the exact problem our client faces, we've overcome similar challenges in large organizations. People recognize the credibility that comes out of that.

-David Olzak, Senior Vice President

Strategic Planning for Impactful Transformation

Our group of former executives offers strategic planning, expertise, intelligent problem-solving, and experiential advice to guide your transformation. We gather business requirements and architect a plan for how to accomplish your goals. We then go beyond strategy and implement your new business design in the real world.

Making “cyber-secure” a default state

Organizations are increasingly trying to deliver automation and orchestration capabilities to achieve business goals. Yet, they struggle with sprawling data issues, obsolete security architectures, and integrating security as a pervasive practice in the delivery of applications.

Stratascale looks to rationalize and consolidate disparate technology by measuring the end-to-end effectiveness of your cybersecurity platform to provide a more secure environment for infrastructure, data, and people. To help you address the evolving threat landscape, we provide sophisticated and innovative solutions that align with your cybersecurity stack and desired business outcomes.

Making the cloud work for you

Stratascale firmly believes that no “one-size-fits-all” approach works for every organization on its cloud journey. We’ll help you decide what, when, and how to move to the cloud, ensuring that your cloud environment lives up to its promises regarding agility, cost, and resiliency.

From migrating legacy workloads to supporting all-new business models, Stratascale provides a complete portfolio of advisory, consulting, design, implementation, and services to help your organization improve technology adoption to fully leverage the benefits of public, private, multi-, edge, and hybrid cloud strategies.

Putting automation at the heart of your business

With a focus on building the right business outcomes, Stratascale helps you view automation through a different lens. Our experts help organizations overcome the limitations of traditional infrastructure and application delivery and implement new strategies quickly, iterate effectively, and achieve substantial benefits across teams.

Creating positive digital experiences

We help organizations develop a plan to move beyond the reactionary stage of digital experience to desired interactions for every user at every touchpoint. Stratascale brings an optimized lifecycle approach to delivering applications. Our next-level assessment framework, ability to systematically visualize dependencies and performance, and application modernization capabilities will enable best-in-class experiences for your customers/user community.

Transforming data into intelligence

Stratascale helps you realize the full power of your data by making it structured, understandable, and available to those that need to make real-time decisions and quickly unlock business value. From strategy, engineering, preparation, and in-depth analytics, Stratascale optimizes your entire data flow.

Contact one of our data intelligence experts to start your journey toward digital agility.

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About Us