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Stratascale Helps Enterprises Develop, Architect, Implement, and Operate World-Class Cybersecurity Capabilities to Protect Their Valuable Assets

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Our experts help you align your cybersecurity strategy to your business needs

Stratascale brings deep experience across all cybersecurity focus areas, ranging from program and strategy development to optimized security operations. Our team can help you create a strategy, develop best-in-class architectures, deploy those into production, and optimize security outcomes – all while maximizing return on investment and business impacts.

Enterprise Security Architecture

Modernized Security Operations

Security Operations Optimization

Attack Surface and Threat Management

Security Program Strategy

Cybersecurity Maturity Evaluation

Data Security Governance

Software and Application Security

Executive Readiness Exercises

Identity & Zero Trust

Identity Program and Strategy

Zero Trust Program and Strategy

Implementation Services

Cybersecurity Managed Services

SOC Accelerants

Attack Surface Validation

Identity Threat Validation

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

3rd Party Risk Management

Empowering Your Cybersecurity Excellence

Partner with us to strengthen and streamline your cybersecurity capabilities across all security focus areas. This includes developing advanced, business-centric programs, strategy, and risk management. We offer expertise in application security, architecture and infrastructure, from cloud to data centers to remote users. We have industry-known experts in identity management, zero trust, and modernized security operations. With our logical engagement methodologies, best-in-class solutions, and team of advanced security experts, we provide consistent vision and execution to enhance your business value and revenue.

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