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Keep cyber intruders away from your most valuable assets by creating strategies that help you anticipate, respond, and recover from attacks.

Our cybersecurity experts ensure we can support the three key pillars of your cybersecurity approach.

Enterprise Security Architecture

We assess your network, cloud, data, and application security, as well as identity and access management, and determine areas of potential risk and solutions needed to protect your organization from cybersecurity events and breaches.

Modernized Security Operations

Update your security operations to encompass “anywhere operations” and leverage cloud-based technologies and automation to make dealing with your ever-expanding attack surface manageable.

Security Program Strategy

If the worst does happen, you need to know how you’ll respond and recover. Stratascale’s experienced team can advise on scenarios from ransomware readiness to data security governance and alignment with control frameworks.

The world of cybersecurity can feel like a constant game of catch-up. Just when you’ve worked out how to protect your organization from one type of threat, another one rears its ugly head. The explosion in the use of cloud technologies and the growing remote and hybrid workforce have increased your attack surface and potential exposure. No matter how much you’ve prepared, something you never anticipated can create an exceedingly complex problem that shifts your entire IT team’s focus toward security operations. Your cybersecurity strategy needs not just to respond but to anticipate.

Our Vision For Cybersecurity Excellence

We support you in creating or reinforcing your cybersecurity function across all areas, including programs, strategy, and risk; application security, architecture, and infrastructure; and identity management to security operations. We help ensure you are equipped with logical engagement methodologies that can be used across all security disciplines.

Our experts provide consistent vision and execution supported by a comprehensive view across your focus areas and best-in-class solutions that create value and increased revenue.

When you’re investing in digital agility, you don’t want your cybersecurity to hold you back.

-Derek Gabbard, Vice President, Cybersecurity

Build a Cybersecurity Function Fit for Today and Tomorrow

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