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At Stratascale, we live and breathe Digital Agility so our customers can rapidly adapt through technology innovation. What we do reflects who we are.

Our Stratascale Wisdoms

We think and bring our “Wisdoms” attitude to everything we do. Stratascale employees thrive on working with people across different skill sets and organizations.

We are humble when listening to various opinions and approaches, and assertive when it comes to quickly building and executing plans and activities to solve customers’ problems.

If you have a similar mindset, we encourage you to consider joining the Stratascale team.

It’s OK to be confident and it’s OK to have a chip on your shoulder. But the more we listen - the more we admit our weaknesses - the faster we can adapt, the more confident we will become, and the better we will execute.

If we are working as a team, then there is always plenty of credit that should be spread around. We look to lift others before we lift ourselves.

Operating with urgency is table stakes to win, but we must pay attention to our surroundings. The world can easily pass us by if we have our heads down, running away from the future.

“No” is a tough word and sometimes it needs to be said. Often, though, there is a compromise that serves the need quite well. We should always be looking to push beyond our current sphere of comfort, but let’s be on the same page with those we depend on the most.

Every day we should be looking to improve ourselves. We had better believe that someone we are competing against is making phenomenal moves every day. If we aren’t challenging ourselves to become better, then we are losing ground.

“A” talent attracts more “A” talent. As soon as we settle for less than we or our clients deserve, we dilute our value and our culture.

Excuses are not effective change agents. We will always have many factors and variables that impact our business. Sometimes these are within our control and sometimes they won’t be. Feeling sorry for ourselves or looking to place blame won’t influence change.

We are smarter together vs. as individuals. Take advantage of that and we turn the toughest challenges into manageable ones.

Our future is not guaranteed. Adaptability translates into viability.

We are co-workers. We are professionals. But first, we are people. We take care of our teammates so they can take care of their families at home.

If we think we are going to lose, then we probably will. If it’s a fight worth fighting, then we believe we can win.

Sometimes we are challenged with things that seem insurmountable. Maybe we don’t have the experience to tell us exactly what to do. We think, we try, we fail fast and we get back up. We are smart enough and talented enough to do just about anything or determine quickly that we shouldn’t.

Stratascale Career Opportunities