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FinOps Services

FinOps Services

Gain control of your cloud spend. Ask us about our full range of FinOps services for better cloud governance and more streamlined cloud cost management.

Call on the experts in FinOps, automation, and integration

To successfully manage today’s complex cloud environments, enterprise organizations have begun to automate and integrate much of their day-to-day IT operations. Yet, when it comes to managing the cloud-spend aspects of such environments, many of these same organizations continue to struggle. Why is that and what can be done?

This is where Stratascale’s suite of FinOps services come in. Our FinOps experts offer both practical guidance and tactical expertise to help you make a real difference in your cloud cost management efforts. FinOps services include:

  • Workshops to guide you in foundational FinOps best practices.
  • General and custom consulting in areas such as your current/future state of FinOps, viable next steps for strategy, overall cloud governance, and future cloud-spend forecasting.
  • FinOps platform-related on-ramp and development sprints to help you optimize, integrate, and automate your FinOps and cloud cost management tools, platforms, and dashboards.
  • This includes optimization with leading platforms like CloudHealth, CloudCheckr/Spot by NetApp, and CloudBolt cost management.
  • Managed cloud-spend optimization services to help lighten the load of cloud-based FinOps and cost management.

The result of these services? The chance to unlock significant short and long-term savings for your own cloud operations. With most cloud bills growing by the minute, why wait to unlock the benefits of our FinOps services?

By attending this workshop, you’ll learn many immediate FinOps strategies and best practices to help your organization build and run a successful FinOps program. Learn how to:

  • Develop a central cloud cost management policy.
  • Set up central control of cloud cost operations.
  • Define cloud cost management roles and responsibilities.
  • Develop and apply proven cloud cost management processes and procedures. This 40-hour workshop can be separated into customizable time blocks.

Price is fixed, with scope to be determined upon execution of formal statement of work.

We develop and refine the right cloud strategy, rationalize your application portfolio, and drive a viable cloud adoption roadmap to meet your business needs successfully. By leveraging operating model best practices and proven architectural patterns from our experience with hundreds of enterprise clients, we advise you how to adopt the “secret sauce” that underpins the success of leading practitioners in the cloud.

Assess your current strategic and tactical state. Then get real, platform-powered, cloud cost savings.

This optimization project includes:

  • Reports about your current cloud estate–with actionable findings that often save clients up to 30 percent.
  • Specific recommendations in the following areas:
    • Right-sizing and reservation purchasing.
    • Use of idle, unattached, and unused resources.
    • Daily cost tracking and reporting.
    • Sharing of a 600-point, best practices checklist.

Price is defined by number of two-week sprints required to meet client needs.

Tackle your largest FinOps challenges with our expert guidance. Sample engagements include:

  • FinOps strategy - Assess current maturity and recommend target future-state strategy.
  • Cloud governance automation and tagging - Assess current practices and provide target-state approach and recommendations.
  • Cloud spend analysis - Assess current and projected cloud costs, including workloads, custom enterprise discounts, and licensing.

(Note: Customizable consulting services are also available.)

Custom pricing is based on resources allocated and overall duration of the engagement.

Stratascale’s professional services and expertise in this area can help ensure your foundational success with FinOps and your chosen FinOps platform.

These customizable, two-week sprints optimize your onboarding and use of FinOps and cost management tools, and include:

  • Tool evaluation, procurement, and onboarding assistance. Cloud configuration of one or more client clouds to send data to your cost platform.
  • Creation/updating of policies, workflows, notifications, and alerts.
  • Tagging, cost automation, and integration with other platforms like ServiceNow, Datadog, New Relic, etc. Report/dashboard creation based on best practices.

Price is defined by number of two-week sprints required to meet client needs.

Stratascale, an SHI company, focuses on guiding enterprises on their journey toward Digital Agility. To learn more or get started, contact your Account Executive.

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FinOps Services