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Attack Surface Validation

Attack Surface Validation

Continuous Attack Mapping & Validation
Service with a Difference

Just like your technology consumption and business operations, your organization’s Attack Surfaces are not static. This means that, despite significant investments in Attack Surface Management and related cybersecurity tools, your organization remains vulnerable.

Why? Because attackers are constantly searching for new and unconventional ways to defeat your cyber defenses, constantly shifting their focus across different users, devices, apps and data types. Adding Continuous Validation processes to your Attack Surface Management technologies is a highly effective way to reduce your exposure to cyber-attacks.

Stratascale’s Attack Surface Validation combines expert cybersecurity services with a proprietary ASM/CV Orchestration Platform that helps you increase both the value and effectiveness of existing investments in ASM/CV and other cybersecurity toolsets.

In short, we help you test your defenses, automate tasks, manage multiple tools centrally, and dramatically increase your security posture.

A systematic approach to Attack Surface Management & Continuous Validation

Attack Surface Validation is not only typically by a high-maintenance undertaking, it also requires specific skills that can be difficult and expensive to onboard in-house. Stratascale provides a cost-efficient and highly-effective solution, with our cybersecurity experts employing a five-stage cyclical process to identifying and targeting vulnerabilities, orchestrating multiple security solutions (combining passive scans, risk profiling and continuous validation) and working in partnership with your cyber team.

Tackling your biggest challenges head on

We address the most common challenges facing cybersecurity teams today including lack of visibility of existing assets. Our experts help you build an accurate inventory of not only your “known assets” but also Unknown Assets such as infrastructure, web servers or software that were procured or stood up outside of normal governance procedures or procurement channels.

We’ll also partner with you to guard against malicious assets – such as malware or rogue websites – created by threat actors to exploit your users and gain access to your systems or information.

More than a Cybersecurity Service

Stratascale’s Attack Surface Validation service not only tests your defenses and relays actions to reduce vulnerabilities across multiple attack surfaces. It includes access to the purpose-built Orchestration Platform specifically engineered to simplify management, while also automating tasks and routines across a wide range of cybersecurity point solutions.

This unique combination dramatically reduces the overhead associated with providing effective ASM/CV and means that cybersecurity experts can spend more time on testing and attack simulation and less time on tools administration.

The Orchestration Platform is designed to work seamlessly with tools including (but not limited to):

And can collect vulnerability data from these platforms:

Why should you choose Stratascale?

Unique features such as: Continuous Validation, Consumption-based Pricing, Security Tool Agnostic, Multiple Capabilities in One Service

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Attack Surface Validation