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Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems

The introduction of IT capabilities into existing physical systems presents a greater need for adaptability, resilience, safety, and security to proactively imitigate cybersecurity threats.

Stratascale Industrial Control Cyber Defense Evaluation

Stratascale’s Industrial Control Cyber Defense Evaluation is designed to give you a comprehensive look into your network so you can eliminate vulnerabilities and implement best practices throughout your entire organization.

Knowing the current state of your Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environment is key to mitigating the challenges introduced by increased demand for business intelligence and integration across your business verticals. The challenges ahead include accurate inventory of devices in your operational technology (OT) network(s), determining the boundaries and segmentation in your OT network design, and detecting anomalies within your OT network traffic.

To resolve these challenges, you need to conduct an in-depth assessment of your network(s) to identify vulnerable devices, shore up weak gateways and access points, and remediate gaps within your ICS architecture.

We work hand in hand with your OT network staff to collect traffic data for each site without ever interrupting day-to-day operations. Our structured approach provides a prioritized roadmap for remediation based on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines and industry experience.


Stratascale’s experts perform passive and thorough packet capture and site assessment to fully scope your ICS device inventory and create architectural diagrams of your network.


Our cybersecurity team builds your network topology, identifies vulnerable devices, and suggests architectural changes and designs based on NIST standards.


We present executive and technical summaries of our most critical findings with the highest contextual impact, giving you a prioritized roadmap for remediation.

Our experts are here to give you full insight into your network so you can spot vulnerabilities and remediate cybersecurity threats before they get the chance to do harm.

Start developing your ICS cyber defense strategy
Industrial Control Systems