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Chris Hudson
Lead Technology Advisor for DevOps, Automation, and Digital Experience

Chris has more than twenty years in IT, and started out in server ops at PwC administering 5000 physical servers. He moved into designing and developing software focusing on the financial industry including HSBC and American Express. At Amex he worked to combine Dev and Ops groups by building their Release Engineering department & cross focused DevOps teams to take 300+ apps from deployments taking over 8 hours 4x a year to build and deploy time of 18 minutes sent to production multiple times a day with no down time. He has created self-service portals for provisioning infrastructure on private and public clouds.

Chris has a strong fondness for application modernization and integrating application security into DevSecOps pipelines. He takes a holistic and analytical view backed with years of hands-on experience, to find the best business value for solutions and challenges.

Reducing Technical Debt: Goodbye Monolithic System, Hello Quick & Effective Specialization with Microservices
November 3rd, 2021
Accessing or altering your fraud vendor’s info could potentially slow down the entire interface or bring it crashing down. There is an alternative—breaking down your functions into separate “microservices”. 
Reducing Technical Debt: Increasing Speed, Standardization, and Security with Containers
November 3rd, 2021
The time and money you spend every month, every week, or every day catching up on development. This can include updating to new solutions, finding ways to keep old systems running, or missing out on new opportunities that more efficient solutions would provide.