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Mary-Kate Sloper
Research Analyst – Digital Experience and Automation

Coming from a background in conducting original ethnographic research, Mary-Kate brings a humanities lens to the technology she writes about. She’s passionate about using her background in primary and secondary research to bring innovative solutions to clients in both the digital experience and automation spaces. Outside of work, Mary-Kate enjoys both traveling and hiking.

July 18th, 2023
Unicorns: They sound too good to be true. But in this article, we’ll define DevSecOps unicorns and share why you should seek them out.
July 11th, 2023
Technology and business leaders must build and run effective holistic automation programs in order to drive maximum value for their organizations.
Puzzle hands
June 22nd, 2023
Organizational change management is not simply a consideration in the M&A process—it’s foundational to every step.
May 18th, 2023
With BCI headed towards the mass market, we’re here to share with leaders how this technology can bring limitless innovation to every organization.
Low Code Platform
May 11th, 2023
In this report, we separate some of the hype from the value and help you plan low-code rapid app development as part of your digital agility roadmap.
April 13th, 2023
This is a great example of how we can enable the software robots to interact with physical robots to make a meaningful difference in a business.
Anatomizing the Developer Shortage
February 7th, 2023
Organizations should focus on sociological solutions for attracting and retaining developers and maximizing their productivity.
Rethinking Citizen Developers
December 8th, 2022
Technology and business leaders should develop a strategic approach that considers the strengths and weaknesses of a citizen development program.
RPA blog: a hand touching a circuit diagram with the letters "RPA"
September 2nd, 2022
RPA can drive real value, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s an easy button. Consider these 5 tips before hopping on the RPA bandwagon.