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Aaron Smith
Director of Software Supply Chain Security & Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies

Aaron is a Professional Services Director, Cloud and Enterprise Security Architect, advisor and mentor. He is passionate about Information Security strategy, and has more than 20 years of organizational leadership and Fortune 100 consulting. He specializes in building professional services teams, security control architectures, cloud and virtualization solutions, control testing and validation, risk and regulatory compliance. He has had the pleasure to work with exceptional individuals and teams across vertical markets, including financial services, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and energy.

Aaron's collaborative leadership and drive for tangible results builds strong client relationships for providing unbiased security and business consulting. He enjoys tackling difficult problems with clients to define our desired outcomes, employing visibility to make informed decisions, and explaining security choices in business language.

Zero Trust: A 5-Point Plan to Modernizing Secure Access
June 10th, 2021
Zero Trust models offer strong user identification and access policies, segmentation of data and resources, strong data security in storage and transfer, and greater security orchestration.