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Horizon Reports

Horizon Reports

Horizon Reports are semi-monthly updates on the industry’s most important trends, solutions, products, and offerings.

What technologies should I be looking at to support my business goals?

Innovation Advisory develops and publishes its own research findings while also drawing on the expertise of industry-leading research firms. We tap into our venture capital ecosystem and an extensive set of long-standing clients across the private and public sectors to sift through the noise. Horizon Reports are the result – providing you with actionable insights to help answer your most pressing questions.

March 23rd, 2023
As Cyber Insurance is getting harder to obtain and premiums keep increasing it is more important than ever to understand the market.
March 16th, 2023
As the metaverse expands, so do the security risks associated with it.
March 9th, 2023
ZT identity managers face significant challenges as they balance access requirements with security mandates.
December 15th, 2022
ZT applications managers face significant challenges as they balance top-down executive mandates with the need to make progress on software issues.
December 13th, 2022
CISOs expect application security to fully support ZT, while AppSec managers use the ZT framework to organize & prioritize investments and activities.
December 1st, 2022
By identifying key priorities before a breach, ZT infrastructure managers can contribute meaningfully to the success of the organization’s ZT strategy
November 29th, 2022
Contemporary zero trust infrastructure often centers on outside-the-perimeter resources, challenging security leaders who are looking to establish resilient environments.
November 14th, 2022
To survive in the modern era, enterprises must be able see their application surroundings clearly. ADM provides the foundation to improve quality while moving fast and safely.
October 25th, 2022
Zero trust networks provide visibility into key issues, including segmentation, secure access to data, applications, and identity and device resources.
Horizon Reports